• Semiconductor clean oven

    Semiconductor clean ovenThe dust-free clean oven for the precision semiconductor clean workshop is suitable for use in the clean workshop, and is suitable for heat Contact Now

  • High temperature precision oven

    High temperature precision oven The temperature of Yihexing high-temperature precision oven can reach 400 degrees. The unique three-door three-control design, each bContact Now

  • Nitrogen-filled oven

    Nitrogen-filled oven The Yihexing nitrogen filling oven is equipped with a nitrogen device, which can directly pass inert gases such as nitrogen, hydrogenContact Now

  • Tunnel oven

    Tunnel oven It can be filled with nitrogen to achieve a non-oxidizing baking environment. Provide corresponding tunnel furnace solContact Now

  • Electronic aging oven

    Electronic aging oven Yihexing electronic aging oven consists of chamber body, heating system, electrical control system, air supply system and protection Contact Now

  • Hardware electroplating oven

    Hardware electroplating ovenIts main purpose is to remove the hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon of electroplated parts by heating, and it is also used for washing and dContact Now

  • Chemical explosion-proof oven

    Chemical explosion-proof ovenIn addition to all the functions of a precision oven, the explosion-proof oven is specially designed with safety devices such as explosion-pContact Now

  • Spray screen printing oven

    Spray screen printing oven Spray screen printing oven is suitable for all kinds of plastic shell silk screen printing, plastic screen printing, glass printing, Contact Now

  • Secondary vulcanization oven

    Secondary vulcanization oven The secondary vulcanization oven, also known as vulcanization oven, post-vulcanization oven, is a hot-air circulating constant temperContact Now

  • Clean oven

    Clean oven The clean oven is also called a dust-free oven. It is mainly used to purify the environment through an air filter to prevent fine parContact Now

  • Sensor oven

    Sensor ovenThe pressure sensor special oven produced by Shenzhen Yihexing adopts an intelligent temperature controller and has a self-stabilizing PID aContact Now

  • Plastic pellet oven

    Plastic pellet ovenThe plastic oven is widely suitable for drying any plastic raw materials, and can dry materials of different materials and colors at the samContact Now

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