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First, the program background

Since the large oven is a closed area with only a small exhaust port, if the inflammable and explosive gas is not quickly discharged, it will accumulate inside the oven to a dangerous level, so we need to install the super concentration alarm. The inside of the oven is monitored. The super-concentration alarm has a normally open and normally closed electric shock signal, and can output a linkage control signal--control fan or oven, drying box heating function, etc., when the gas concentration exceeds the standard, an alarm is issued and the heating power is cut off, and the gas concentration is lowered. Then reheat it.

Second, the program overview

The oven gas concentration alarm adopts imported sensor, which has the characteristics of high precision, accurate measurement, stable performance and probe explosion-proof structure design. It is suitable for various dangerous places such as factories, convenient connection with various PLCs and other systems, and high protection level.

Drying box ultra-concentration detection alarm detection range: 0-100% LEL, the detector is explosion-proof, suitable for transformer baking oven, plastic parts baking, hardware baking. The higher the temperature during baking, the faster the flammable and explosive gases are produced. Local monitoring and remote monitoring can be realized by computer, and the detector running status data can be permanently stored. A hybrid configuration of combustible, toxic gas detectors, multi-point detection, and expandable channels.

Third, the main function

1, using imported components, high sensitivity, high reliability, explosion-proof design. Applicable to sites with on-site testing and explosion-proof requirements for flammable, toxic and hazardous gases. The product can detect flammable and toxic gases, and process various data of the data uploaded by the detector through the controller, and finally complete the display of the data.

Functions such as output control and data recording. The flammable gas alarm is a product that is strictly in accordance with national standards and has passed the inspection by the National Fire Electronic Product Inspection Center.

2. In the industrial gas leakage detection and alarm device, the gas detector is a safety detector for industrial flammable gas.

It can be fixedly installed in indoor and outdoor dangerous places where the gas to be tested leaks, and it plays the role of on-site monitoring.

If there is a flammable gas leak in the monitoring position, the gas detector will transmit the flammable and explosive gas concentration data leaked at the site to the gas alarm controller at the time, and the gas alarm controller performs data processing.

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