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Yihexing, based on the actual needs of customers, provides customized automation and intelligent system integration equipment services. 18 years of excellent quality, first-class technology R & D team, industry-leading design and manufacturing capabilities, according to customer's on-site conditions and process requirements to provide the most professional, economical and rational configuration applications. For us, focusing on the needs of our customers is not just a slogan, it is also the company's philosophy.

We can provide

Design planning according to customer's process requirements, including drawing drawings and parts lists

Software development

Product upgrade and installation

Commissioning equipment and training operations staff

Telephone service hotline and remote maintenance

A good after-sales service

Customer revenue

1. Meet the customer's differentiated needs, adapt to the space, production and all other requirements on site.

2, improve efficiency and yield, save labor costs

3. The system operation is simple, convenient and stable, ensuring high consistency of products.

4, safe and reliable

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