Electronic aging oven

Electronic aging oven

Product Details

Yihexing electronic aging oven consists of chamber body, heating system, electrical control system, air supply system and protection system. Independent over-temperature protection device improves product reliability and safety. This product is suitable for the drying and heat treatment of non-inflammable and explosive products by electronics, electrician, instrument, material, semiconductor and other production enterprises. It is especially suitable for aging and drying of LED, LCD, quartz crystal, capacitor, resistor, inductor and other products.


1. It adopts microcomputer PID control and has PID self-tuning function to ensure that the equipment can reach temperature control accuracy under any working condition, and the operation is convenient and simple.

2, the use of double silicone sealing structure, can reduce heat loss.

3, double-layer tempered glass, good insulation effect, the status of aging products at a glance.

4. The internal setting can adjust the shelf, which can be customized according to the shape of the customer's product, greatly improving the utilization of internal space.

5, can be customized according to the actual production requirements of customers.

Structural parameters:

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