Semiconductor clean oven

Semiconductor clean oven

Product Details

One,Applicable area

This oven is suitable for use in clean workshops,It is suitable for heat treatment such as drying in high-precision semiconductors, curing of glue, and drying after cleaning of precision optical components.


  1. SUS304 1.5mmStainless steel plate, full welding process;

  2. The air duct in the box is equipped with a clean air inlet and a high-efficiency filter. Ventilation and non-ventilation modes can be used to ensure slight positive pressure in the box to ensure that pollutants cannot enter the inner box;

  3. The high efficiency filter HEPA filter net constructs a clean room, which can carry out one-way filtering and circulating filtering of the gas in the box. According to the requirements of use, it can meet the cleanliness level ISO Class 5 (national standard 100), ISO Class 6 (national standard 1000), ISO Class 7 (national standard 10000) and other requirements;

  4. Equipped with automatic nitrogen filling device, and automatic opening and closing air door for nitrogen filling and baking;

  5. Newly developed touch screen operating system, with high-precision PID main controller, temperature control accuracy of ±0.1℃, automatic constant temperature. You can save recipes, view temperature curves, export temperature rise data, etc.;

  6. According to usage requirements, customization can be accepted.

three,Specification list



Working stability range

Room temperature—150℃

Use voltage

Three-phase five-wire 380V, 50Hz

Temperature control accuracy


heating power


Temperature uniformity


Temperature stability



Working size


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