Semi-automatic glue filling machine

Semi-automatic glue filling machine

Product Description The automatic glue filling machine has complete functions, including the die-moving station, spray-off molding station, injection station, automatic upper bracket station, bracket glue station, plug-in bracket station, and bracket pressure-receiving station. The system is completed: off-molding, spray-off molding, glue injection, glue, insert bracket, bracket pressure and other operations. In the optoelectronic product packaging process, it can effectively solve the problems of uneven amount of glue, deep and shallow insertion, partial insertion, internal and external bubbles. Provide quality assurance for the products you produce. Easy handling, which makes the operator work happily and saves labor costs.
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Product Details

Product description

Shenzhen Yihexing Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces various specifications of moisture-proof cabinets, nitrogen cabinets , constant temperature and humidity cabinets, ovens, glue filling machines and other products.

LED semi-automatic glue filling machine belongs to one of the classification of glue filling machine.

product manual

The semi-automatic glue filling machine is also called automatic glue dispenser. It is more flexible and can be matched with the dispenser to realize signal synchronization and complete the automatic matching of AB glue. The proportion of the glue filling machine is accurate, the glue is accurate, the glue filling is stable and reliable, the maintenance is simple, the time and labor are saved. The semi-automatic glue filling machine can be applied to LED lamps, P10 light boards, display screens, LED driving power supplies, circuit board filling, transformer potting, ionizer potting and so on. Applicable glue: PU glue, organic silica gel, crystal glue, epoxy resin, and other two-component glue.


1. The size of the glue can be adjusted in thickness, the time of filling and the time of stopping the glue can be set by parameters. The amount of glue is accurate and the glue is not leaked.

2. On-demand ratio, to achieve glue mixing while mixing, the maximum limit to save glue.

3. Applicable to Φ3 series 20/30 piece or 40/50 piece; Φ5 series 20/25 piece or 30/35 piece, square series, concave series, deep cup series.

4. Reasonable structural design, reliable control system, easy operation and maintenance.

Product specifications

YH613-LBG220E semi-automatic glue filling machine

· Appearance size: 1200 × 1400 × 1800mm (length × width × height)

·Control mode: man-machine interface, plus PLC;

· Air pressure: 6-8kg/cm2

·Voltage: AC220V

·Power: 1KW

·Production capacity: 20-50k/h

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