Custom stainless steel oven

Custom stainless steel oven

Used in the electronics industry (semiconductors, LCM, LCD, LED, MLCC, TFT, precision ceramics, quartz oscillators) electrolytic capacitors, computers, etc.; motors, printing, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, communications, hardware, transformer cores, coil baking Dry and small motor drying and other industrial purposes such as baking, drying, preheating, tempering, and aging. Especially suitable for dust-free workshops.
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The all-stainless steel oven is an electric heating blast drying oven, and the inner and outer walls of the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel plates by bending and welding. The advantage is that it has strong anticorrosion and corrosion resistance, dust-free and clean, and is often used in purification workshops, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops, and aerospace industries.

1. Both the inner and outer boxes are made of 1.2mm high-quality stainless steel plate.

2. Double structure, flat-bottomed fixed or installed with movable casters and fixed supporting feet, which is convenient to move and fix.

3. The hot air circulation duct design is ingenious, the hot air circulation coverage rate in the oven is high, the material is dried evenly and energy is saved.

4. Heating with stainless steel heating tube, PID intelligent temperature controller, K-type thermocouple sensor, temperature control accuracy ±1℃.

5. PIH+SSR solid state and AC contactor control output, high temperature control accuracy; at the same time, it is equipped with leakage protection, power failure protection, motor overload protection, and over-temperature protection.

6. Start-up timing/constant temperature timing is optional; oven design is reasonable, sturdy and durable, and can work at a constant temperature for 24 hours.

7. Optional equipment: communication function, automatic nitrogen filling device, gas concentration alarm, explosion-proof door, PLC touch screen control, cart, test opening, glass observation window, network management.

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