Clean oven

Clean oven

It is suitable for pretreatment baking before coating of silicon wafer, gallium arsenide, lithium niobate, glass and other materials in semiconductor manufacturing, hard film baking after coating and high temperature baking after development; also suitable for electronic liquid crystal display, LCD, CMOS, IS, medicine, laboratory and other production and scientific research departments; dust-free industrial ovens can also be used for drying, heat treatment, aging and other high temperature tests of non-volatile and non-flammable and explosive materials.
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Product description



1. Structure composition: It is assembled by the cabinet part, electrical control cabinet, electric heating and air duct circulation system, and the structure is reasonable.

2. Sealing design: All-round argon welding, using high temperature resistant silicon rubber dust-free sealing strip for heat insulation to ensure tightness and cleanliness

3. External dust-proof treatment: The outer material is SPCC steel plate through powder spraying, which is wear-resistant and does not drop dust and slag;

4. High efficiency filter: HEPA filter structure clean room, 99.99% effective filtration, cleanliness reaches level 100;

5. Energy saving: the insulation material is high-density fiber, and the insulation is energy-saving;

6. Layered structure design: the height of the inner box layer plate is adjustable and can be taken out freely;

7. Temperature control instrument: automatic temperature control, constant temperature and time control, with over-temperature automatic power failure and alarm circuit, reliable control and safe use.

8. Electrical accessories: All first-line brands, PID-calculated temperature control system and over-temperature protection device, intelligent constant temperature, small temperature difference, suitable for long and short baking of different products.

Product parameter


1. Temperature range: normal temperature -250℃, constant temperature adjustable

2. External dimension: H1660*W770*D920mm Internal dimension: H900*W600*D600mm

3. Heating speed: it takes about 30 minutes to rise from room temperature to 200℃

4. Thermal insulation performance: the temperature of the outer wall does not exceed 45℃ (when the temperature in the furnace reaches 200℃)

5. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

6. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃%

7. Power supply: 380V/50HZ (three-phase five-wire)

Core configurationCORE CONFIGURATION

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