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Electronic moisture-proof cabinet manufacturers explain the excellent glue filling machine mold production process
- 2019-02-28-

    Yihexing has always adhered to the concept of perfect integration of professionalism and quality, and established a good corporate system. The company has professional industrial moisture-proof drying and dehumidification technology, and independently develops and produces various specifications of electronic moisture-proof cabinets , nitrogen cabinets , constant temperature and humidity cabinets, ovens, glue filling machines and other products. Here is a case to explain to you:

Due to the customer-Mullinsen Co., Ltd. (a comprehensive optical LED new technology industry company with a good domestic LED package and LED application products), it needs a set of 332MM length in the production cost and operation optimization. According to the customer, before the consultation with the company, the customer has consulted a number of companies, and the reply is either technically impossible. The manufacturer's injection molding machine (filling machine) requires uniform glue, durable and no air bubbles. To achieve, either the asking price is too high and far exceeds the customer's cost budget.

After receiving the information, the sales staff of the company is anxious for the customer's urgency, and discuss the solution with the engineer for the first time!

Related design and solutions:

1. First of all, due to the length and the number of light bulbs, the moldless glue injection machine (gluing machine) mold is considered, but the problem of feedback from the business department and customers is integrated. This solution is used to mold such a large number of molds at one time. On, the probability of failure is very large, veto!

2. So the design idea is returned to the factory's good mandrel glue injection machine (gluing machine) mold program, but the biggest technical problem is to match the precision of the machine to 2UM, this requirement has exceeded the production machine The precision that can be reached by itself, so the on-site technical person in charge and the technical staff of the external processing enterprise met and discussed together. After several rounds of program screening and cost analysis, we finally found the most suitable one. Technical implementation!

After 20 days of research and production, it was finally completed and delivered within the time scheduled by the customer. According to the customer's on-site feedback, the glue injection machine (filling machine) provided by the company produces smooth molds, and the product qualification rate exceeds the customer's expectations, perfectly solving the customer's problems.

The automatic glue filling machine produced by Yihexing can effectively solve the problems of uneven amount of glue, deep and shallow insertion, partial insertion, internal and external bubbles in the optoelectronic product packaging. Provide quality assurance for the products you produce. Simple control allows the operator to work happily while saving labor costs and increasing productivity.

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