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Why do electronic products need to be stored in a nitrogen cabinet?
- 2019-02-21-

The hazards of moisture exist in all walks of life, and their impact on the electronics industry is as follows:
1. The wafer or the semi-finished product of the crystal grain is in an unsealed state and a film, and the field effect transistor-LCD glass substrate is damp and mildewed during stack storage;
2. SMD moisture sensitive components are damaged during the welding process due to moisture;
3. The “golden finger” splashing tin caused by the explosive exhaust of the PCB substrate during reflow;
4. IC integrated circuits and other components are internally oxidized and short-circuited during storage. During welding, internal micro-cracking, separation and delamination, and external production of "popcorn".

Nitrogen- filled moisture - proof box , also called nitrogen cabinet . The principle is to use the low-humidity property of high-concentration nitrogen. After replacing the humid air in the box, the low-humidity environment can be obtained in the box to achieve the purpose of moisture-proof. The advantage is that the dehumidification speed is fast and it can prevent oxidation. As an anti-oxidation device, it has been widely used in the electronics industry and university laboratories, and mainly stores various forms of integrated circuits (ICs) such as monolithic, large-scale integrated circuit LSI, ultra-large scale integrated circuits, and BGA packages. Prevent PCB layer from being tidal, used in MSM device storage and intermediate storage on SMT production line. All production processes in dust-free environment require anti-oxidation storage requirements for unfinished products and materials. It is widely used in the electronic components of microelectronics and optoelectronics production workshops: MSD moisture sensitive components, IC, PCB, optical lenses, LED, BGA, precision optics, gold plating and copper wire.

The moisture-proof cabinets produced by Shenzhen Yihexing Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly have the following characteristics:

1. The automatic program-controlled sensing system is used to automatically control according to the set humidity. When the humidity in the cabinet reaches the set value, the system will automatically cut off the nitrogen supply. When the set value is exceeded, the system will automatically open the nitrogen supply, which is better than the manual nitrogen filling. More than 50% of gas (depending on the number of doors and turns).

2, can quickly damp to below 5% RH, switch door recovery only takes about 5-10 minutes, suitable for frequent switch door applications.

3. The nitrogen cabinet can be expanded into a physical + nitrogen moisture-proof combination cabinet to enhance the dehumidification effect and can be used as an electronic moisture-proof box without nitrogen. This saves investment and use costs.

The high-quality industrial moisture-proof cabinet is the right choice for the factory to store electronic products. Our company specializes in high-performance industrial grade moisture-proof cabinets, which can solve different sizes, different moisture-proof requirements, and fast and low-humidity electronic storage problems.

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