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Industrial Internet of Things solves your problem of high temperature oven equipment management
- 2019-02-21-

Big data, internet of things, smart home... these are all popular keywords. With the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, the demand for interconnection and interoperability among enterprises has gradually increased. The demand for improving product quality and operational efficiency through access to the network has become stronger, and the industrial Internet of Things has emerged.

Do you encounter the following management problems when managing oven equipment such as high temperature ovens and hot air circulation ovens ?

1. Suddenly found an abnormal device, when did it start to be abnormal? How long has the anomaly lasted? Abnormal performance in addition to what is seen in the current situation? Can't trace back, is the whole batch of products scrapped?

2, the operator set the wrong parameters, we do not know?

3. How long can the data recorded manually be recorded? Data confusion is not accurate

4, product quality feedback has objection, baking storage records still?

The era of automation and intelligence has arrived. How do we keep up with the pace of the times? The Yihexing networking solution makes everything simpler. From data collection to data classification analysis, automation is fully realized. After automatic data acquisition, the system can automatically generate visual data curves. It is also possible to collect data for an internal data warehouse and apply it to big data analysis. The Yihexing networking solution has the following characteristics:

1, large-capacity data storage, can store up to 1 year of data according to demand;

2. Automatically transfer data, and re-determine upload after communication failure;

3, remote control, can preset formula, independently named formula, remotely set device parameters;

4. Production planning and equipment usage plan, review the working status of remote equipment, and follow up and plan the progress of the equipment in the next stage in real time;

5, data analysis and alarm, adjustable device history records for data comparison, equipment failure can be alarmed by SMS, mail, etc.

6, authorization and permission settings, different positions staff can set operating permissions according to the situation.

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