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Teach you to quickly pick smart moisture-proof boxes from these three points of interest
- 2019-02-21-

With the rise of the electronics industry, moisture-proof cabinets are needed in many industrial settings or in home storage. Faced with various types of moisture-proof cabinets on the market, how to choose them is a blind spot for many customers.

1, according to the humidity requirements of stored items

First of all, it is necessary to clearly determine the humidity level of the stored items, and select the appropriate moisture-proof cabinet according to the humidity requirements. Secondly, we must also consider the functional issues. The general moisture-proof cabinet is divided into ordinary electronic moisture-proof cabinets , anti-static moisture-proof cabinets, and nitrogen moisture-proof cabinets. It is selected according to the humidity range and function difference of the stored items. This is the most basic precondition for purchase. Yihexing electronic moisture-proof cabinet dehumidification machine adopts physical polymer environment-friendly moisture absorption material, and uses shape memory alloy system dehumidification method to stabilize dehumidification throughout the year. The intelligent microcomputer control system is easy to operate, and the device automatically works only after setting the required control humidity. It adopts the power-off automatic moisture absorption design, and can still use the chemical moisture absorption function to continue dehumidification after power failure. Quiet design, no moisture, no frost, no dripping, long service life.

2, dehumidification materials

The moisture-proof boxes on the market now basically use physical moisture absorption, such as moisture absorption cards, plastic drying boxes, and the like. These materials are basically consumables, and need to be replaced after a period of time; and Yihexing moisture-proof cabinets use European imported moisture-absorbing materials and shape memory alloys, which are controlled by microcomputer program for circulating moisture absorption and dehumidification without frequent replacement of consumables. Therefore, the choice of good dehumidification materials is very important for the selection of moisture-proof cabinets.

3, modular installation

The dehumidification movement is the most important part of the moisture-proof cabinet. Basically, the place where the whole moisture-proof cabinet is most likely to be repaired is here. The general industrial moisture-proof cabinets are relatively large in size. When a fault occurs, you don't want to have the whole equipment to be repaired by the manufacturer. Even if the manufacturer sends someone to repair the door, the general cost must be borne by itself. Therefore, it is very important that the dehumidification movement is manufactured in a modular design.

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