What role does dust-free oven play in semiconductor packaging and testing?


Semiconductor packaging and testing is a step to verify the function and performance of semiconductor products such as chips and circuits to screen out semiconductor products with structural defects or unsatisfactory functional performance to ensure the normal application of the delivered products.

The main role of the packaging and testing industry in semiconductor problems is protection, support, connection, heat dissipation and reliability. The production workshop of semiconductor chips has strict production conditions, such as constant temperature and humidity, dust-free cleaning, etc., and the chips can only be used in a suitable environment. In order to work properly, the normal environment around us cannot do it in most cases. Therefore, it is necessary to seal and test the chip, protect the chip, and create a good working environment for it. Therefore, the precision semiconductor clean room needs to use dedicatedDust-free oven.

Dust-free ovenThe product features:

1, for baking non-photosensitive polyimide (PI)Dust-free oven, Process integrated HEPA filter in a clean environment. Temperature up to 350 degrees Celsius. Oxygen can be maintained at lt; 20ppm. Programmable controller, internal dimensions can be customized according to use requirements.

2, Data coupling with PC can be provided, which allows long-term data storage as well as statistical process control SPC, recipe management and process visualization.

3. Forced air circulation mode, double air duct circulation structure, uniform temperature field distribution, intelligent PID temperature control system, so as to obtain high-precision temperature control.

4. Intelligent production requirements can be realized. SECS\/GEM is a semiconductor device interface protocol for device-to-host data communication. In an automated factory, the interface can start and stop device processing, collect measurement data, change variables and select recipes for products .