How does stainless steel nitrogen cabinet stand out in industrial production applications?


The intelligent nitrogen cabinet can effectively reduce the humidity and oxygen content in the box with good air tightness by filling the box with high-purity nitrogen, and can accurately control and stabilize it within the preset humidity range to achieve anti-oxidation and moisture-proof. , anti-mildew, anti-rust and other effects. Intelligent nitrogen flushing cabinet, built-in nitrogen saving system, using imported solenoid valve, stable performance, long life, no noise. Compared with ordinary direct flushing nitrogen cabinets, it can save more than 80% of nitrogen consumption.

The stainless steel nitrogen cabinet is made of high-quality SUS304 or SUS201 material. It can be made of mirror surface or wire drawing process. The cabinet has multiple reinforced structures, good load-bearing performance, overlapping structure design, and good sealing performance. The nitrogen cabinet itself does not produce dust and can be used in Class 1000 In a clean room of higher grade or higher, the safety of the components and chips is better protected. The intelligent nitrogen cabinet is equipped with a nitrogen saving device and adopts a multi-point gas supply system. Nitrogen is flushed into the box through more than 30 small holes, and the nitrogen in the box is The distribution is relatively uniform. When the humidity in the box reaches the set value, the nitrogen control system will automatically cut off the nitrogen supply. When the set value is exceeded, the system will intelligently turn on the nitrogen supply, which plays an intelligent control to save nitrogen and reduce the cost of use. .

The Yihexing stainless steel nitrogen cabinet can intelligently adjust the intake flow of the nitrogen cabinet according to the change of the humidity value in the cabinet, which can greatly save the waste of nitrogen. There is also a mirror stainless steel nitrogen cabinet, which has a clean and beautiful appearance and is equipped with MES The system and nitrogen concentration analyzer can monitor the condition of the equipment in real time through the network.