Why do precision semiconductor workshops use special dust-free ovens?


Semiconductor packaging and testing is a step to verify the function and performance of semiconductor products such as chips and circuits to screen out semiconductor products with structural defects or unsatisfactory functional performance to ensure the normal application of the delivered products.

The main role of the packaging and testing industry in semiconductor problems is protection, support, connection, heat dissipation and reliability. The production workshop of semiconductor chips has strict production conditions, such as constant temperature and humidity, dust-free cleaning, etc., and the chips can only be used in a suitable environment. In order to work properly, the normal environment around us cannot do it in most cases. Therefore, it is necessary to seal and test the chip, protect the chip, and create a good working environment for it. Therefore, the precision semiconductor clean room needs to use dedicatedDust-free oven.

1.Dust-free ovenApplicable area

The oven is suitable for clean workshops. It is suitable for high-precision semiconductor drying, glue curing, precision optical components cleaning and other heat treatments.

2,Dust-free ovenFeatures

(1) The nitrogen-filled oven adopts SUS304 1.5mm stainless steel plate, all welding process;

(2) The air duct in the box is equipped with a clean air inlet and a high-efficiency filter. There are two methods of ventilation and non-ventilation to ensure a slight positive pressure in the box and ensure that pollutants cannot enter the inner box;

(3) The high-efficiency filter HEPA filter screen constructs a clean room, which can perform one-way filtration and circulating filtration on the gas in the box. According to the requirements of use, it can meet ISO Class 5 (national standard 100), ISO Class 6 (national standard 1000), ISO Class 7 (national standard 10000) and other cleanliness levels;

(4) Equipped with an automatic nitrogen filling device, which automatically opens and closes the nitrogen filling and baking damper;

(5) The newly developed touch screen operating system adopts high-precision PID main controller, the temperature control accuracy is ±0.1 degrees Celsius, and the automatic constant temperature. It can save recipes, view temperature curves, export heating data, etc.;

(6) According to the requirements of use, customization is acceptable.