Dust-free oven - a must for major semiconductor and optoelectronic companies


The packaging process in the microelectronics industry is often carried out in a dust-free environment. In addition to the dust-free and clean environment of the clean room, a certain temperature is also required to accelerate the curing of various glues and the fixing of chips. The dust-free oven can It is very good to provide such an environment. The temperature can be freely set between room temperature and 200 or 300 degrees Celsius. The cleanliness level is divided into thousand-level dust-free and hundred-level dust-free.

Class 100 cleanDust-free ovenProvides the perfect clean environment for precision semiconductor manufacturing - by recirculating incoming makeup air with HEPA filters, eliminating any possibility and discharge of ambient and air contaminants (such as dust, microorganisms and vapors) coming into contact with the product air path.

In order to better control the temperature fluctuation of the clean oven, its temperature controller uses thyristor plus built-in SSR plus external SSR control, in the high-power mode, it can accurately control the uniformity and fluctuation of the temperature in the box. cleanDust-free ovenThe unique integrated structure of the inner and outer cabins is adopted, and the fully sealed structure can better prevent the intrusion of dust. Combined with the design of the internal circulation air duct, the circulating hot air continuously self-purifies and filters the interior through the high temperature resistant ultra-high efficiency filter HEPA, thus forming a high cleanliness , A closed, clean and dust-free high temperature baking environment with uniform temperature.


Class 100clean ovenspecialty:

  1. Heavy-duty all-welded structural steel frame with stainless steel all-welded lining, available in shelf or cart loading configurations.

  2. High-capacity horizontal airflow systems with intake\/exhaust blowers are equipped with HEPA filters, including recirculation paths.

  3. High capacity level air recirculation system and electric heating system for large temperature performance.

  4. Independent over-temperature protection, phase sequence protection, power-off protection and other multiple protection mechanisms to ensure safe use.