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Clean oven for semiconductor clean room
- 2020-10-14-

Clean oven is also called dust-free oven. It is a special clean and dust-free drying equipment that provides a high-temperature purification environment. The air in the box is closed and self-circulating, and it is repeatedly filtered by a high temperature and high efficiency air filter, and the working chamber of the oven is in a dust-free state. The clean oven can be divided into 100-class clean oven, 1,000-class clean oven, 10,000-class clean oven, etc., which can meet the purification and drying requirements of electronic liquid crystal display, medicine, laboratory and other production and scientific research departments.

The Yihexing clean oven has the following product characteristics:

1. High-efficiency and clean filtering device, imported high-temperature-resistant borderless ultra-high-efficiency filter HEPA, particle filtering efficiency is 99.999%.

2. The air circulation is uniform and efficient, and the forced ventilation is used. There is an air duct in the oven, the temperature uniformity is 1.5 ℃%, and the material is dried evenly;

3. Rapid heating and accurate temperature control. Imported temperature control system, PID automatic calculation, temperature control accuracy ±0.2℃, sensor disconnection alarm function, over temperature suppression, over adjustment function, accurate temperature control, over temperature alarm protection function, to ensure product operation safety.

4. The studio is of stainless steel structure. The temperature in the working room is automatically controlled by a temperature controller, with automatic constant temperature and time control devices, and an automatic power-off and alarm circuit for over-temperature, which is reliable and safe.

5. Use stainless steel black heat generator, long service life, safe and stable, baking life> 10000 hours, electric heater is covered with stainless steel, filled with high-insulation modified magnesium oxide, fast heat conduction, no leakage, no open flame , To ensure safe and reliable use.

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