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Why do more and more people choose moisture-proof cabinets?
- 2020-10-22-

Moisture-proof and dehumidification has been valued by more and more electronics industry units and families, and moisture-proof cabinets have become an indispensable choice for moisture-proof and dehumidification due to its convenient installation, fast and stable dehumidification and many other advantages. At present, electronic moisture-proof cabinets have been used in all walks of life, providing a favorable storage space for items to prevent moisture, mildew, oxidation, and dust. Through the use of intelligent microcomputer management to improve the maintainability and integrity rate of the items in the cabinet, so that various items are always in a good performance state.

For industrial use, it is mainly aimed at items that are susceptible to moisture and can easily cause quality problems. These items mainly include electronic components such as IC, BGA, QFP, and materials such as gold wire, copper wire, and metal products. For this kind of items, the industry will carry out detailed classification and divide them into different humidity sensitivity levels, and devices of different humidity sensitivity levels need different humidity for storage.

For civilian use, they are mainly valuables. Such as photographic equipment, important documents, jewelry, paper collectibles, special medicines, antique calligraphy and painting, precision instruments, etc. The storage of these items has a common feature: as long as the items stored are not severely damp and mildewed, there is no high requirement for the humidity of the moisture-proof cabinet.

Shenzhen Yihexing Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various industrial moisture-proof cabinets and civil moisture-proof boxes. It uses polymer materials to absorb moisture, uses the "shape memory alloy" system to dehumidify, and adjusts the humidity at a fixed point. It is more intelligent and convenient, and has a wider range of applications.

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