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Smart moisture-proof cabinets help Industry 4.0
- 2020-09-30-

Industrial moisture-proof cabinets are mainly dedicated equipment for the purpose of moisture-proof storage of components and materials stored in the cabinet by means of creating a low-humidity environment. Its low humidity standards mainly follow the IPC/J-STD-033 standard. In the standard, the components that need to be moisture-proof (called MSD moisture-sensitive components) are classified according to different moisture-proof levels, and the corresponding low-humidity storage requirements are carried out for different moisture-proof levels.

Shenzhen Yihexing's newly upgraded Industry 4.0 moisture-proof cabinet works with automation equipment to centrally manage the equipment, collect equipment working data, and can be connected to the enterprise's ERP or MES system to help enterprises achieve lean management and help enterprises build intelligent manufacturing systems.

The moisture-proof cabinet is made of Baosteel's 1.2mm cold-rolled plate material, and is processed by laser cutting technology throughout the entire process to ensure the tightness of the cabinet. The large intelligent LCD display, the humidity can be adjusted at a fixed point, and it will automatically stand by when it reaches the set humidity, which is convenient and quick to operate. Intelligent and efficient dehumidification movement, moisture-proof and dehumidification rate is 4 times faster than traditional. The Swiss temperature and humidity sensor uses digital sensing technology to measure more accurately. The height of the shelves in the workroom and the number of shelves can be adjusted according to the user's requirements. The moisture-proof box adopts high-quality rubber wheels, which are not easy to wear, high bearing capacity, wear-resistant silent wheels, and long service life. Can withstand a pressure of 150KG.

The Yihexing moisture-proof cabinet breaks through the interconnection barriers between smart devices and jointly builds the ecosystem of the Internet of Things. It is smarter, more convenient, and more assured, and it is a must for Industry 4.0 equipment.

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