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Why is industrial grade moisture-proof cabinet more expensive than civil moisture-proof cabinet?
- 2020-10-12-

In many cases, when customers buy moisture-proof cabinets, they often compare the price of civil moisture-proof cabinets with those of industrial moisture-proof cabinets. Why is there so much difference between the prices of the two? Here is a detailed discussion of the price difference between the two categories of products.

There is a big difference between the dehumidification system of civil moisture-proof cabinet and industrial-grade moisture-proof cabinet. Civilian moisture-proof boxes are mostly used to store some valuables, such as SLR lenses, stamps, antique calligraphy, tea, etc. moisture-proof storage, its dehumidification system uses simplified semiconductor condensation chip dehumidification technology, its manufacturing cost is low, the materials used, and the internal structure , The working principle cannot be compared with the industrial grade moisture-proof box. For example, the temperature and humidity sensitive probes used in industrial-grade electronic moisture-proof cabinets are industrial-grade, and the accuracy, resolution, and error are very different from those of civil moisture-proof cabinets. Civilian moisture-proof boxes mostly use civil temperature and humidity liquid crystal display instruments, and the market price is less than 100 yuan, while the market price of temperature and humidity sensitive probes of industrial-grade electronic moisture-proof boxes is 1000 yuan, and liquid crystal display instruments cannot be displayed under humidity below 20%RH. Normal resolution, large error, industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensor probe can accurately distinguish the range of 1~99% RH; and the temperature and humidity instrument life of the civilian moisture-proof box is generally short, the failure rate is high, and the annual drift error of temperature and humidity is large. The industrial grade products have a long service life, small errors, and strict calibration test standards. Therefore, the industrial grade moisture-proof box will undergo a variety of inspections and tests before leaving the factory, and will be accompanied by a factory qualified test report. In addition, the dehumidification module of the civilian moisture-proof box is a gear adjustment method. Even if it is set digitally, it is controlled by the range and cannot be controlled by a fixed value, while the electronic moisture-proof box of industrial grade is accurately controlled by a fixed value.

The cabinet structure of the civil moisture-proof cabinet is different from that of the industrial moisture-proof cabinet. The civil moisture-proof box adopts 0.6-0.8mm steel plate treated with baking varnish, the structure is simple and thin, while the industrial-grade electronic moisture-proof box adopts 1.0-1.2mm steel plate treated with baking varnish, multiple reinforced structures, good load-bearing performance, overlapping structure design . Therefore, due to the load-bearing and life-span requirements of industrial products, the overlapping reinforcement structure inside the cabinet makes the cabinet more durable, and the service life of the cabinet is more than 10 years.

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