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Speeding up the international process, Jardine Hing's overseas orders are rising
- 2020-09-16-

Since Shenzhen Yihexing's efforts in foreign markets, the product quality of precision hot air circulation ovens has been recognized by the market again, and large quantities of orders have been obtained from Malaysian customers, which has played a more active role in further expanding foreign markets.

The gratifying export situation has brought a busy production scene for Shenzhen Yihexing. The workshop worked overtime for several days to meet the demand of overseas customers for picking up goods. The production workshop showed a busy scene, with large trucks ready to go, and foreign trade exports maintained a strong momentum.

This batch of hot air circulating ovens has the following characteristics:

1. The inner tank mirror is made of stainless steel with good cleanliness;

2. The interior is made of high-quality thermal insulation materials, and the thermal insulation effect is good;

3. Adopt intelligent temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, LED display, fast heating time, stable and accurate temperature;

4. Imported SSR/SCR output control unit, high temperature control accuracy, double over-temperature protection, safe and reliable electrical control;

5. Good heat insulation and thermal insulation technology, with remarkable sealing effect; the temperature of the body shell is low, which has little influence on the indoor environment temperature; energy saving, electricity saving, safety and environmental protection.

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