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Hot air circulating oven manufacturers explain why industrial ovens require hot air circulation
- 2019-02-21-

Yihexing has always adhered to the concept of perfect integration of professionalism and quality, and established a good corporate system. The company has professional industrial moisture-proof drying and dehumidification technology, independently research and development of various specifications of electronic moisture-proof cabinets , nitrogen cabinets , constant temperature and humidity cabinets, ovens and other products, and provide a full range of industrial moisture-proof anti-oxidation drying dehumidification program. At present, it has established strong cooperative relations with many domestic electronic technology companies and accumulated a large number of electronic industry humidity solutions. Yihexing continuously expands and enhances product line breadth and product depth to meet the needs of different customers. Have a certain understanding of the oven production, the following is a brief introduction: Why does the industrial oven need hot air circulation function?

The hot air circulation system of the industrial oven is beneficial to improve the uniformity of the air temperature. During the process of transporting materials in the industrial oven switch box door, the temperature value will be affected and the uniformity of the hot air circulation system is beneficial to recover within the maximum speed. The temperature value of the working state.

1. The hot air circulates in the oven, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy.

2. The hot air circulation oven uses forced ventilation, and the air duct is provided in the oven, and the materials are evenly dried. Generally, the temperature uniformity is 2.5%, that is, the oven with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower sides is 5 degrees. Of course, the lower the value, the higher the price.

3, the oven runs smoothly, automatic temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.

Shenzhen Yihexing Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and sales of hot air circulation industrial ovens, which are mainly characterized by:

1, a wide range of applications, can dry a variety of materials, is a general drying equipment.

2. Most of the hot air circulates in the tank, and the heat efficiency is high. Energy saving.

3. Using forced ventilation, the box is equipped with an adjustable air distribution plate, and the material is evenly dried.

4, the temperature adapts to a large range, according to user requirements, up to room temperature to 250 ° C

5. The whole machine has low noise, stable operation, temperature control and safety explosion-proof device.

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