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What are the specific requirements for the use of moisture-proof cabinets in industry?
- 2019-05-05-

The industrial moisture-proof cabinet is mainly a special equipment for the purpose of moisture-proof storage of components and materials stored in the cabinet by means of creating a low-humidity environment. Its low humidity standard mainly follows the IPC/J-STD-033 standard. In the standard, components that need to be protected from moisture (called MSD moisture sensitive components) are graded according to different moisture levels, and corresponding moisture storage levels are required for different moisture levels. So, what are the specific requirements for the industrial use of moisture-proof cabinets?
The first is humidity related performance. Humidity is selected according to IPC standards based on the different moisture sensitivity levels of the MSD. Mainly for humidity needs. If the MSD has a humidity sensitivity level below 3, it requires a humidity of 10% RH or less, and a level 4 or higher requires a humidity of 5% RH or less. Therefore, the first is to determine whether the humidity of the industrial moisture-proof cabinet can meet the storage requirements.
The second is the recovery time of humidity, which generally refers to the time required to return to the required humidity after opening and closing the door. Provisions for workshop life recovery in the IPC for 5 times or 10 times storage of MSD in low humidity environments. Switch door interval = {switch door time + humidity recovery time} * 10. According to this equation, the need for the humidity recovery time of the industrial moisture cabinet can be calculated. This is also a very important indicator for evaluating industrial moisture cabinets.
Furthermore, it is necessary for anti-static. The anti-static needs of the industry mainly require that the surface resistance of the equipment be between 1 MΩ and 10 MΩ to ensure that the electronic components in a low-humidity environment are protected from static electricity.

Furthermore, it is necessary for industrial moisture-proof box uniformity and humidity display accuracy. Each should be within ±3% RH. Among them, due to the large amount of materials stored, uniformity needs to be considered.

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