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Which brand of moisture-proof box is good?
- 2019-02-21-

When purchasing an electronic moisture cabinet , we have to consider several aspects:

1. Dehumidifying material. At present, the moisture-proof cabinet on the market can be divided into two categories: memory alloy molecular sieve physical adsorption technology and electronic condensation chip dehumidification by virtue of the dehumidification principle. The electronic condensing chip has insufficient low-humidity capability, can't really achieve ultra-low humidity, and completely loses its function after power failure. It is only suitable for items with low storage requirements. The electronic moisture-proof box adopting the principle of chemical moisture absorption, the microcomputer program control, the memory alloy action on the internal and external opening and closing doors, the internal moisture absorption, the external drainage, so that the cycle. No resurgence, no noise, no dripping, stable dehumidification capacity, no need to replace consumables. Therefore, the choice of good dehumidification materials is very important for the selection of moisture-proof cabinets.

2, the cabinet itself must have a good sealing, in order to effectively prevent external humid air from penetrating into the cabinet to ensure the stability of humidity. It is necessary to have good dehumidification/humidification technology and airtight technology to meet the requirements of basic moisture-proof to the most advanced ultra-low humidity drying.

3. Uniformity of humidity. The more uniform the humidity of the moisture-proof cabinet we purchase, the better the dehumidification effect of the stored items, which means the safest and most reliable. Therefore, this has high requirements for the internal air circulation system of the moisture proof cabinet. Therefore, we should choose the cabinet with fast air circulation in the cabinet, so that the humidity control effect is better and faster.

4, durability. There is no doubt that the better the stability, the better the quality of the product. Because the inside of the moisture-proof cabinet is a relatively precious thing, of course, it is hoped that its durability must be high! Like the expensive appliances in your home, it usually takes at least five years.

Shenzhen Yihexing moisture-proof cabinet dehumidification mainframe adopts European imported moisture-absorbing material and shape memory alloy, which is controlled by microcomputer program for circulating moisture absorption and dehumidification, achieving stable humidity, no moisture regain, no noise, no dripping, stable dehumidification and so on. It also has a long service life and does not require frequent replacement. The door is designed with a sealing strip and the airtightness is very good, which ensures the stability and uniformity of the humidity inside the cabinet. The integration of doors and windows, large windows, and the storage of items at a glance.

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