How is the performance of Yihexing high temperature oxygen-free oven?


Oxygen-free ovenIt is applied to the special process requirements of precision electronic components, photoresist curing, and dust-free drying of electronic ceramic materials. The air in the oven is closed and self-circulated, and it is repeatedly filtered by a high-temperature resistant high-efficiency air filter (class 100), so that the oven working room is free from dust. Dust-free state. The dust-free oven studio is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for touch screen, wafer, LED, PCB board, ITO glass and other precision electronics, solar energy, new materials and other industries. Then, JardineOxygen-free ovenWhat are the performance characteristics?

Oxygen-free: use inert gas (commonly nitrogen) to replace the gas in the cavity to achieve an environment with extremely low oxygen concentration; with an oxygen content analyzer, the oxygen content value is detected throughout the process, displayed and recorded in real time.

High temperature: Electric heaters provide a high temperature environment;

Cooling: water cooling, air cooling can use one or two cooling methods alone to assist in cooling, so that the cooling rate is accelerated, production efficiency is improved, and time is saved;

Operation: The anaerobic oven adopts the control method of human-computer interaction and PLC, which is intelligent, fast and one-key operation.

Temperature Specifications: 100-300 degrees Celsius Temperature Accuracy: 0.1 degrees Celsius Fluctuation: Less than or equal to ±1 degrees Celsius Uniformity: Less than or equal to 1.5 percent Celsius

Cleaning ability: optional class100, class 100 cleanliness

Low oxygen index: oxygen content less than or equal to 20ppm

Data record: oxygen content record, multi-point temperature record

Intelligent operation: man-machine interface plus PLC, programmable\/customized operation, large-screen display, one-key operation.