What should be paid attention to in the dust-free oven?


Dust-free ovenMore and more widely used in factories, scientific research laboratories and enterprises and institutions, it is specially used for heating and curing, drying and dehydration of materials and products in electronics, communications, chemicals, metal building materials, rubber, light industry, heavy industry and other industries. , aging, shaping and other treatments, such as transformer core or coil drying, wafer drying, motor stator or rotor winding drying, preheating of welding electrodes, casting sand drying, and parts drying, etc.

1. Nitrogen port: nitrogen should be connected to the nitrogen port of the machine before operation, and special attention must be paid to adjust the N2 pressure to a suitable flow value before connecting.

2. After placing the baked goods in the box, the door must be closed. After the door buckle is firmly fastened, the door safety switch is effective, and the machine can be started smoothly.

3. Dust freeclean ovenThe cooling air outlet at the rear should be connected to the exhaust system when there is a high temperature during cooling, and the connecting pipe must be insulated to prevent the operator from being scalded or affecting the working environment.

4. Before starting work, confirm whether the electricity is normal; place the test items correctly in the box; turn on the power switch and adjust the temperature control instrument, the appropriate temperature and heating time, and the operator should concentrate on the operation and wear protective equipment; Do not leave the processing area.

Shenzhen Yihexing can provide different degrees of uniformity, size, temperature rangeDust-free oven;If you have specific requirements or specifications, please contact us according to your needs, so that we can ensure that the equipment is designed, tested and adjusted to meet your requirements.


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