Non-oxidation ovens are widely used in semiconductor and optoelectronic industries


In order to meet the demand for non-oxidation baking in the semiconductor packaging and testing industry, according to the usage habits, material characteristics, process flow, baking difficulties, and baking problems in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries; Yihe Xingte has developed aNon-oxidizing oven. In the anaerobic differentiation vacuum environment, the oxygen partial pressure is reduced, which avoids the oxidative deterioration of the material during the drying process, and ensures the quality of the dried product. It has the characteristics of complete functions, good baking effect, convenient use, and easy operation. . Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, military, shipbuilding, electronics, communications and other scientific research and production units, mainly for BPO glue/PI glue/BCB glue curing, IC (wafer, CMOS, Bumping, TSV, MENS, fingerprint Identification), FPD, high-precision electronic components, electronic ceramic materials, dust-free drying, electrical products, materials, spare parts, etc. in a high-temperature clean and oxygen-free environment drying and aging test. Since the oven was launched on the market, it has been highly recognized by many well-known semiconductor companies at home and abroad.

Non-oxidation ovenIt has the following product features:

1. The box body is made of ceramic fiber for heat preservation, which has the characteristics of fast heating and energy saving.

2. The inner tank is fully welded, and the pipeline is welded with seamless stainless steel pipe fittings. The oxygen concentration is as low as 20PPM.

3. Using forced ventilation, there is an air duct in the oven, the temperature uniformity is 1.5 ℃%, the material is dried uniformly, and the suction port is glass fiber filter to ensure the cleanliness requirements.

4. Imported temperature control system, PID automatic calculation, temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃.

5. Double flow meter nitrogen saving system, double delay nitrogen filling control, greatly save nitrogen consumption under anaerobic and low oxygen environment.

6. It can achieve an oxygen content of ≤50ppm. Due to its tightness and the distribution of nitrogen gas, the design of the air duct and the design of the exhaust position are all designed through digital and analog simulation.

7. The door of the oxygen-free oven adopts a double-sealed structure, which can also realize the functions of rapid reduction of oxygen and rapid temperature rise.

8. It can adapt to the production needs of Industry 4.0.