Precautions for the use of anaerobic ovens

Electrical Safety

Anaerobic ovenWhen connecting to the power supply or the mobile machine needs to be reconnected, please connect the power according to the electrical specifications shown on the electrical appliance nameplate.

Equipment ground

Please be sure to ground to avoid electric shock accidents due to the failure of the leakage circuit breaker in the event of an electric leakage accident. When grounding, please confirm the grounding according to the electrical regulations. Do not connect the grounding line to the gas or water pipe, and do not connect the leakage circuit breaker to the oven. Share the grounding line with ovens without this appliance.

Check the leakage switch

The leakage circuit breaker must be tested at least once a month to determine whether it can work normally. In case of leakage and the circuit breaker cannot function, it may also cause the danger of electric shock. Please replace the electromagnetic contactor once a year to ensure work safety and efficiency.

Prohibited to be placed in outdoor environment

Placing the device in the outdoor environment will greatly affect the performance and function of the device, and the removal of moisture from the electrical parts of the device will cause dangers such as short circuit or leakage.

hot air

During the high temperature operation of the anaerobic oven, or the temperature in the oven is not lowered to a safe range, please do not open the oven door to take the baked goods, so as to avoid the high temperature gas blowing out and hurting people or being directly scalded by the baking objects and the high temperature in the oven.

high temperature inside

After the device starts heating, if you need to open the door and work at high temperature in the box when the temperature is 55 degrees Celsius or above, please wear protective gear to prevent burns.

do not stack

Do not place items on top of the equipment, and do not stack multiple ovens.

Anti-blockage of air inlet and outlet

Do not place objects near the exhaust hole, valve, safety relief valve, etc., so as not to block the exhaust and cause danger.

Do not disassemble at will

Any unauthorized disassembly or reorganization may cause equipment failure or electrical damage, etc. If you have service requirements, please contact professional after-sales personnel. For general electrical maintenance, please arrange for staff with electrical knowledge to perform maintenance.