Electronic industry aging oven

Electronic industry aging oven

The Yihexing electronic aging oven is composed of a chamber body, a heating system, an electrical control system, an air supply system, and a protection system. The independent over-temperature protection device improves the reliability and safety of the product. This product is suitable for the drying and heat treatment of non-flammable and explosive products by electronic, electrical, instrument, material, semiconductor and other manufacturers. It is especially suitable for the aging and drying of LED, LCD, quartz crystal, capacitors, resistors, inductors and other products during the production process.
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1. Using microcomputer PID control, with PID self-tuning function, to ensure that the equipment can achieve temperature control accuracy in any working state, and the operation is convenient and simple.

2. One-way left and right horizontal air transport is used in the box, and the air ducts on both sides are forced to supply air. Both sides of the air duct are equipped with high-density perforated air plates to accurately control the angle of the deflector to ensure the uniformity of the temperature in the box.

3. Adopting double silicone sealing structure to reduce heat loss.

4. Double-layer tempered glass has good heat insulation effect, and the status of aging products is clear at a glance.

5. Adjustable shelves are set inside, which can be customized according to the shape of customers' products, which greatly improves the utilization of internal space.

6. It can be designed and customized according to customers' actual production requirements.

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